Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Forums as a Way to Earn Money at Home

Public discussion forums are a great source of human wisdom. Most of the time online bulletin boards have thematic, which means you can find people with similar interests, communicate with them, get answers to your questions and even get rewarded for using forums.

Online earning is a tricky thing but once you know which websites to use, you just have to go for it. I have been into make money online business for several years now, so I know some good sites, which give money for posting on forums. Let me briefly review some of them.

PostLoop.com – automatic forum post exchange. Here you can register and start posting on forums you like. For every completed forum post you will be getting a set of points. These points could be used for buying post on your own forum or they could be redeemed for money. Currently the rates reach up to 8 cents per forum post. Minimum cash-out limit is only 4 dollars (via PayPal).

MyLot.com – one of the oldest “paid to post” forums. On this awesome website you can chat with millions of other members and receive money for every post you make. Additional revenue could be earned by referring new members to MyLot.com. Payments are via PayPal with a minimum of 10 dollars.

MarvelousForums.com – a technology forum with a good revenue sharing offer. By being active on Marvelous Forums users earn special credits. All these credits are redeemable for real PayPal cash. Right now users make up to 3 cents for every post reply and up to 8 cents for every new thread they create.

Earning money with forums is an easy and fun thing to do. Good luck with this work at home oppoirtunity!